Story & Screenplay by R. Paul Dhillon

THE FUSION GENERATION is a romantic comedy set in Vancouver's Punjabi community where our hero's mother is desperately looking to get him married but the woman he falls for has no time for the institution

This funny and sometimes raunchy story is seen through the eyes of it's male lead - Jag, known tohis friends as J.D. - who is desperately searching for his dream girl before his parents get himcaught in the "arranged-marriage" trap. But the woman (Teejay) he falls for doesn't want to get married.

The two lovers follies, heartbreaks and triumphs forms the basis of what is essentially a humorous, colourful, sociological odyssey through a vibrant multicultural landscape. The film is different from the usual NRI fare in that it has the unique sensibility of Hollywood romantic comedies like American Pie.

Being an East-end guy, Jag sees marriage to Teejay as a step up in the world - butTeejay wants to remain independent without the legal shackles of marriage.

Through a series of mishaps -Jag loses his job, is forced to leave his house and has to reexamine his life. And Teejay has her own problems with her parents filing for divorce after her father Sam - the Lumber Mogul, who seeks a male heir, has a child by his French mistress.

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B-Town Boyz

Story by R. Paul Dhillon and Veeno Dewan

Set against BC’s Gangland backdrop, which has claimed more than 100 young Indo-Canadian men over the last decade, B-Town Boyz is a riveting family drama that pits two cousins against each other as one sucks the other deeper into a criminal world that is not entirely of their making.

The story begins with the arrival of "Ash" Ashwinder Singh Bains back to Vancouver from London after a lengthy self imposed exile. He left his extended family in Canada after a taboo relationship with his first cousin Amber Bains when they were both teens. His return not only opens old wounds with Amber but also his “big brother” of a cousin Jaggi Jack Bains, who is now the biggest gangster in town, controlling major part of Vancouver’s criminal underworld with his B-Town Boyz crew (B standing for Brown).

Jack’s attempt to stay atop of the criminal world is complicated by his new found love Helen and the discovery of Ash and Amber’s taboo relationship, not to mention hidden family secrets.

As much as it is an odyssey into the criminal underworld, B-Town Boyz is a study of an immigrant family, whose patriarchs came to a new world with the optimism of a better life for their kids. But somehow the sins of the fathers bore a heavy burden on their sons!

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Story & Screenplay By R. Paul Dhillon & Sarah Dafoe

Based on the Novel “Spilt Coffee” By Greg Bauder

Spilt Coffee is a metaphor for the unattainable in life and no one knows that better than Glen, Jeff and Ron, who are overwhelmed by a monster of the mental kind.

The three aging and disillusioned schizoaffective men are forced to live in poverty. Reduced to child like behaviour, the three cry and vent at each other like bullies on a playground but just as quickly can turn into frightened and paranoid children.

Their vicarious love for Virer, a beautiful, young Filipino Nurse, is their only hope for sanity and small pleasures left in their limited existence.

When the no nonsense caregiver Virer leaves for a holiday in the Philippines, the men fall apart and the news of her plane crash devastates them. But alas her presumed death is just another deception in their world full of frustration and hopelessness.

Combining heart wrenching pain and tragedy and obvious comedy that is their life, Spilt Coffee holds out hope for at least Glen if he can remain sane!

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